Paul Vishal
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Paul Vishal 29-31/10

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Paul Vishal

Medium, coach & reiki healer

Paul Vishal has been studying spiritual practices with passion at an early age with the intention of becoming a monk. He traveled the world, met Masters and deepen his practices and eventually understood that when we have the right tools for inner work we can practice anytime and anywhere, following our passion and creativity, and find inner healing and freedom.
Paul Vishal is medium, coach and Reiki Master.

Looking forward our Soul to Soul

Channeling event


Torsdag 29 oktober 2020 kl. 18:30-21.30

Investement: 399 sek, inkl. tea and snacks

For booking: PRESS HERE 

More info and individual sessions, in presence or online :

The french medium Paul Vishal is for the first time in Sweden, a great opportunity to experience a powerful channeling yet in a simple, almost casual approach.

It is a great time of transformation for the world, communities, families and individuals…

There is an open door for doubts, fears, anxiety, wounds and conflicts… as well as new energies, a stream of love, creativity and positive opportunites to embrace.

During this session ALL of your questions are welcome.

Description :
We begin with a guided meditation for each and all to attune with the higher-Self and to rise the vibration of the group.

Paul is then connecting with a higher form of knowledge and love, we may call it ‘Universal wisdom’.

Participants are then welcome to ask questions about their personal issues or preoccupations. All the participants can benefit from the answers and from the energy we generate as a group.

All the subjects can be covered, answers are never negative or judgemental. It is a space where you are accepted and loved in your fullness, with your talents and your wounds.



Lördag 31 oktober 2020 kl. 14:00-17.00

Investement: 399sek, inkl. tea and snacks

For booking: PRESS HERE 

More info and individual sessions, in presence or online :

This powerful workshop will give you the understanding and tools for inner change and a successful life.

Paul Vishal went through different stages in his personal life and is sharing from experience about transformative practices.

Do you feel tired of your chatting mind ?
Do you have important decisions to make and feel confused ?
Are you curious about meditation ?
About human potential in general ?
Have you been trying personal development tools and still feel frustrated ?
Would you like to understand how the knowledge of the mind will support your spiritual journey ?
Then this workshop is for YOU ! )

This workshop is focused on understanding our mind, how it can bring us down or, on the contrary, be a powerful tool for personal development, happiness and spiritual grows.

Knowing the mind, its weaknesses and strenghts.
Why and how being aware of the content of the mind ?
How to calm the flow of thoughts ?
How and why using positive thinking ?
How to use creative visualisation ?
The process of decision-making.
The role of the mind in the spiritual path.
How to stop thinking and stay in full consciousness ?
What is inner silence and what is beyond inner silence ?


CANCELLATION POLICY : Your booking is binding and your place in the class is secured when full booking is made. Refund can only be made in case of injury or illness and presentation of a medical certificate is mandatory.

NOTE : Please refrain from any mind-altering substances within at least 24 hours of your appointment or workshop. Clients will be turned away from a session or workshop if under the influence of a substance, and no refund will be given.

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YOGAstudio i Träslövsläge, Varberg

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BUTIK med yogamattor, yogakläder och props

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